I try not to take terribly complicated meals when I visit the campsite. I have a backpacking stove and aluminum cook kit, but I find them a pain to cook with (they are so small!) and especially to clean up. So, I usually try to cook over the open fire.

Among the things stashed at my camp are three stainless steel grates that came from an old grill. Nowadays, I usually cook with these. I went up last weekend with friends Luke and Scott. Our main goals were to move some building material and dig foundation holes. For dinner, we brought peri-peri chicken. Peri-peri sauce is a spicy South African barbecue sauce. I first learned of it when I briefly lived in England and there was a Nando’s restaurant at the end of our street. For some reason, I had gotten itchy for peri-peri-barbecue and discovered that you could buy the bottled sauce on Amazon. Between the three of us, we ate three cornish hens and a pound of asparagus. It was, perhaps, not the lightest dinner to pack up to the campsite, but it was tasty!