Deciding exactly what equipment I need for my cabin project has not been easy. Obviously, I need a chainsaw. I already have a Husqvarna 335, but I know this won’t be adequate for want I intend to do this year. I wanted to get a Husqvarna Rancher 460, but my local dealer hasn’t been able to get any, evidently from reduced production due to the pandemic. I think of the Rancher line as mid-tier, between the homeowner line of saws and the professional saws.

The local Stihl dealer didn’t have the equivalent either, but they did have one unit left of the entry-level saw in the professional line. I’m not sure if it was an impulse buy or not, but I’m glad that I went with it, even if it was a few hundred dollars extra. I took my new Stihl MS 362 C-M out to the site last weekend and am very pleased with it. I’m not entirely sure how it does it, but that chain sure makes big flakes of sawdust.

Here’s a video of my friend, Luke, taking down a large white oak that was right in the middle of the cabin site. According to Luke, taking down that massive tree with the Stihl 362 was like cutting butter.