Milling lumber
14 Aug

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  1. Brian

    Short trip, but something to show for it! Looks like things are coming along!

  2. Jim Lugo

    John, I am watching with interest the continuing developments “On The Side of the Mountain”. It looks like progress is being made even amidst the frustrations and the learning curve involved. You will get there! I wonder if we should experiment with a different pitch on the blades, perhaps a more aggressive pitch. How does the engine handle HP wise the current load posed by the blade? The problem of the mill pitching forward may be solved with some weight applied to the tail wheel. When I sawed with this mill initially I sawed pine and had no trouble with it pitching forward or pushing it ahead when sawing pine. I’m thinking…

  3. Moving a heavy log - The Side Of A Mountain

    […] straightforward, but we were successful using roughly the same technique that I had developed with David and Knox: rolling the log/cant with the woodchuck as needed, chocking with cutoffs to prevent rolling, and […]

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